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I get this Error "Failed to start any of the servants." when starting Tectia server on RHEL. But the same configuration works in a different RHEL Tectia server.

What can be wrong?

asked Dec 15 '10 at 15:43

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On Redhat Linux machines in some cases the crypticore libraries fail to load causing the error.

Server_start_failed, Error: Generic error, "Failed to start any of the servants."

On certain Red Hat hosts the servants crash while trying to initialize the crypticore DLLs. It only happens on some RHEL machines when they are using SMP kernels. If the machine is rebooted to a non-SMP kernel, everything will work fine.

Other machines running an identical version of RHEL may not have the problem even if they are using the SMP kernel. Even when performing two default installs from the same installation media, one host may exhibit the problem while the other does not.

We have investigated this and it it does NOT seem to be an issue with the crypticore DLLs.

This seems to be an issue that only affects certain hardware + software configurations. In our testing, SuSE and Ubuntu installations on the same host machines (also running SMP kernels) do not exhibit this issue.

Affected Platforms

This issue has only been seen on certain 32 bit RHEL hosts. It only occurs with the optimized crypticore DLLs.

The optimized Crypticore libraries are not included in Solaris or 64-bit Linux packages, as 64-bit Linux and Solaris x86_64 use the generic crypticore plugins that do not cause this problem.


  1. In the newest versions of our 32-bit Linux installation packages we now test whether the installation host will exhibit this problem. If the problem exists the DLLs are not linked to the plugin directory and the software will use the generic (non-PE/COFF) crypticore plugins instead. Though some people have had installations, where e.g. powershell is used, and the different environment somehow passes the test made in the installation for the install test. If root account is used directly, the test will not pass in an environment where the DLL cannot be loaded.
  2. For existing installations, you can solve this problem by removing or renaming the crypticore DLLs (ccmac128.dll and ccsc128.dll) files. They will not be initialized if they are not found. These files are located by default in the /opt/tectia/lib/sshsecs/ directory.
  3. If your your hardware allows it, you can also boot to a non-SMP kernel.

answered Dec 15 '10 at 15:50

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