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When trying to establish a connection to a server, a message is received stating that the Broker version is incompatible, and the connection fails.

What does this mean? How to fix it?

asked Dec 15 '10 at 15:18

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A few things could be causing this message.

If you performed an upgrade without first stopping a running Broker process, this error message could occur when attempting to connect after the upgrade. Please exit/close any running Broker processes, then restart Broker; simply trying to connect to any server will start Broker if it isn't already running.

All of our Unix products require the SSH Tectia Common package, as well as the appropriate package(s) that you are trying to install - Client, Server, ConnectSecure/SDK/FT-only packages. It is possible that either the Client or Common package was upgraded, but not the other package, which can result in these types of error messages. If that is the case, you will need to back out the Common/Client/ConnectSecure package(s) that was installed, uninstall the previously installed Common/Client/EFT package, then install the same version Common/Client/ConnectSecure package(s).

Another possibility is an incorrect version license file installed. Please check and make sure the correct license file version is installed.

In the online installation packages, the license files are included in the compressed files (zip/tar) together with the releasenotes.txt files and the PDF-format documentation, and on Unix must be manually copied to /etc/ssh2/licenses after the package is unpacked; Windows license files are automatically copied over during installation, if they are present in the directory where the package was unzipped.


answered Dec 15 '10 at 15:21

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