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I'm taking connections with Tectia Client through a firewall. The firewall is configured to drop connections when they have been idle for 10 minutes. I'd like to leave my idle sessions open for longer times. Is there any way prevent the connections getting closed from Tecia Client?

I don't have access to the firewall so I cannot reconfigure it. I also don't have access to the server I'm connecting to, so the solution would have to be purely in the Client.

asked Oct 06 '09 at 12:11

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Ville Laurikari

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Sami Lehtinen

For this very purpose, you can configure the client to send keep-alive messages within the connection.

In the command line clients, use the --keep-alive option:


  Defines how often keep-alive messages are sent to the Secure Shell server.
  Enter the value as seconds.  The default value is 0, meaning that keep-alive
  messages are disabled.

For permanent effect, you can enable keep-alives in the configuration. From the GUI, select General → Default Connection → Server, and set the "Keepalive interval" setting to a nonzero value. The setting is also available as a profile specific setting in the Server tab when configuring a profile.

The keep-alive messages are sent within the ssh connection as special "no-op" packets which the server ignores. They generate a minimal amount of traffic in the TCP connection so that firewalls no longer treat the connection as idle.


answered Oct 06 '09 at 12:22

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Ville Laurikari

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