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How to set up public-key authentication using the Windows GUI client

asked Dec 14 '10 at 21:48

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Using the Key Generation Wizard

In order to use public-key authentication, you must have a key pair. If you do not have a key pair yet, it can be generated using the SSH Tectia Client Key Generation Wizard on Windows.

Important: If you wish to start using the public key right away, connect to the desired remote host computer before running the Key Generation Wizard.

  1. Select Edit >SSH Tectia Connections... and go to User Authentication then to > Keys and Certificates. Select New Key.. under Key and Certification List.

  2. Follow the wizard's instructions, selecting key type and length according to your preference or your network administrator's instructions.

  3. After the key has been generated (this may take a while, depending on your computer's speed), specify the file name (mandatory), comment (optional), and passphrase (optional) for your key. Important: The passphrase is used to encrypt the private key. Only leave the passphrase blank if you are certain that nobody else has access to your private key file.

  4. If you are connected to the desired remote host computer, you can upload the key by selecting Upload Key Alternatively, you can select Finish and upload the key later.

After the Key Generation Wizard has completed, a new key will be visible in the list.

ssh-keygen-g3 commandline tool

Alternatively, you can use the ssh-keygen-g3 tool to generate the key on the command line. See 'man ssh-keygen-g3' for the available options on unix, or http://www.tectia.com/manuals/client-user/61/ssh-keygen-g3.html.

You can also manually upload the key as instructed in: http://www.tectia.com/manuals/client-user/61/manual-upload.html


answered Dec 14 '10 at 21:56

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edited Dec 21 '10 at 09:58


When i try to generate new key and upload,i am getting below Error,

failed to upload: file open failed:Permission denied,file:.ssh/authorized_keys/key_xxxx.pub/Failed to get unique file name:Permission denied,file:/-001


answered Aug 06 '15 at 12:06

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