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Using WinSCP 5.5.6 to upload, including advice file strings with the LIKE=dsname and t=ps parms or with the file_status, CYL, PRI and SEC parms. In the trace I see SVC99 called for DISP=(OLD,KEEP,KEEP) DALSTATS=1,DALNDISP and DALCDISP=8. It parses the advice string seemingly without errorsbut never attempts to allocate a new dataset. If I preallocate the dataset and omit the parms to try and allocate a new dataset works fine with a prompt at WinSCP to ask whether I want to overwrite the dataset. How do I specify to Tectia for zOS 6.4.7 it is to allocate a new dataset if one does not exist?

asked Feb 13 '15 at 19:35

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Tom Ambros

It is just like in JCL: one needs to specify that it is a new dataset and that one wants it kept or cataloged.

The command line would be sput ../x "/ftadv:C=ISO8859-1,D=IBM-1047,I=UNIX,J=MVS-FTP,LIKE=FRED.LOG,STATUS=NEW,NORMDISP=CATLG/__'FRED.X'"


answered Aug 31 '15 at 13:03

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