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I am trying to establish connectivity between openssh client on Solaris server with the tectia server on window server (2003 sp2). The tectia version we have is Tectia 6.x. I did the following configuration steps:

) Created Keys (rsa) with ssh-keygen on Solaris server ) Created new sFTP id on windows server ) Copied the public key to the Windows server on a custom folder (D:\sshkeys\dtest) ) Mentioned the custom folder path for the authorized_keys parameter on the authentication tab of Tectia server *) Restarted tectia server

However, when i tried to connect from Solaris server, getting "Permission Denied (Public Key)" error message. So, I tried the following:

) Created DSA keys and tried - no luck ) Changed the folder path for the authorized_keys parameter to %D/.ssh2/authorized_keys and copied the keys to this folder - no luck *) Tried setting authorization parameter as well as tried by converting openssh public key to tectia public key but no luck.

I have configured public key authentication on the same server an year back,and that key is still working fine. However, I am having issues only with the new key configuration. The only difference on the server is that someone has installed openssh server on the windows server, and I am wondering whether that is causing any issues. I tried by shutting down the openssh service, but no luck.

I have been struggling to fix this for couple of days, but, no luck. It would be helpful, if someone can provide some insights on how to solve this issue.

Regards, Dinesh

asked Oct 13 '14 at 20:54

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Asked: Oct 13 '14 at 20:54

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