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I will be upgrading shortly from to the latest version and I want to ensure that their are no changes to the command line options. We have multiple transfer scripts running on this machine and I do not want to bring down our production system. We are currently running Client and Server on a Windows 2003 server SP2. We will also be upgrading to Windows 2008 in the near future and if anyone has any recommendations I would be glad to hear them.

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asked Sep 18 '12 at 16:02

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Hello, the upgrade from 6.0 to 6.3 should be just fine: upgrade on top. New versions can read older key and configuration files just ok (starting from v.5.0+).

We have tried to do our best to keep changes to command line options minimal just due to the fact that customers have so many existing scripts and processes in place which could brake if we would change those CLI flags at some point.

You can backup ssh-broker-config.xml and ssh-server-config.xml files just in case you would need to revert back to that older Tectia Client/Server release (note: each user in the system using Tectia Client/ConnectSecure can have their own ssh-broker-config.xml file under the user's home directory)

Regs, SamiM

ps. For automated SFTP file transfers, we have our Tectia MFT Events tool (Tectia Client with automation). With the tool, you can do all kinds of fancy things that would otherwise require some serious scripting:

  • Graphical tool for automated file transfers, will help customers to get rid of complex scripts
  • Directory synchronization
  • Directory monitoring (local, remote over SFTP) and action execution when a new file arrives into a directory
  • Single file monitoring (local, remote over SFTP) and action execution when the file has been modified
  • Central file transfer job reporting in Manager
  • Point-to-multipoint file transfers
  • Email alerting
  • IF/ELSE conditions
  • Normal time based scheduling
  • Chaining of jobs based on job results
  • Central monitoring via Tectia Manager
  • Etc etc

answered Oct 04 '12 at 05:06

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