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New version of Tectia SSH Server for IBM z/OS has been released on September 5th 2012.

asked Sep 07 '12 at 13:43

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About this version:

The 6.3 release for z/OS is declared feature complete but is not declared Long Term Supported (LTS). Therefore, it is supported for 2 years from the release date of 6.3.0. There will be 6.3 maintenance releases which will fix critical bugs, but no new features will be added to any 6.3 release.

Items addressed in this release that were not present in MFT Events, SSH Client, ConnectSecure, or Server 6.3.0 are listed under the "6.3.1" section.

Special items for this release:

  • Added Password Cache support for Radius, SecurID and GSSAPI authentication methods
  • Fixed bugs affecting stability, file transfer, IPv6 functionality and licensing on z/OS.

Bug Fixes in Tectia SSH Server 6.3.1 for IBM z/OS

  • Documentation: Environment variable SSH_SFTP_VOL_UNIT_MAP has been documented.

  • Documentation: Environment variable SSH_SFT_PSEUDOVOLUME_VOLSERS has been documented.

  • Documentation: In FIPS mode, the RSA key length is at least 1024 bits.

  • z/OS: When a PS dataset is to be created, Tectia SSH Server no longer creates a PO dataset if HLQ node exists.

  • All platforms: When transferring files to SSH Tectia Server using certain 3th party file transfer clients, if the file already existed, it was always truncated if it was chosen not to overwrite the file.

  • All platforms: Tectia file transfer clients will no longer send type and streaming proves if the file transfer server is not from Tectia. That was causing dropping of the connection on some 3th party file transfer servers.

  • z/OS: Fixed a problem when accessing catalogued tape datasets where redundant unit specification was required.

  • z/OS: Client and Server will now print out informational messages and WTOs giving licence details when Tectia SSH Server starts. Includes expiration dates for evaluation licences.

  • z/OS: Introduced again the exit synonym for stop in the ssh-socks-proxy, to preserve backwards compatibility with 6.1.x versions.

  • z/OS: New line delimiter conversion no longer differs from native FTP.

  • z/OS: Reverse lookup on IPv6 addresses no longer fails.

  • z/OS: Broker as a socks proxy no longer will deadlock when tunneling multiple FTP requests.


answered Sep 07 '12 at 13:52

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