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Hi Team

I am running the below script from 2 places. One is from command line and another one is from my Peoplecode program(PeopleSoft). The script is getting success and send the file to destination without any issues in command line but not it my Peoplecode. The error code return is -1073741515. Kindly help to resolve this issue ASAP.

c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c scpg3 -B -p -a D:\ADPRHKGL.TXT U1S8CB1@

Note: There is no issue in the Peoplecode too. while calling the above cmt in Peoplecode i am getting error with the above error code.

Thanks Gokul

asked Feb 13 '12 at 08:12

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edited Feb 13 '12 at 10:39

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Martin Dobsik

There are many things to check:

  • Which version of Tectia Client are you using?
  • Does scpg3 print any error message?
  • What environment variables does your Peoplecode pass to the command? Compare output of 'set' command run in cmd.exe with output of 'set' command run from your Peoplecode(). It must be the same. Especially the PATH variable, including order of various paths.
  • What operating system do you run it on? Is it Vista or newer? If yes, then: Is your user member of Administratrs group? If so then there could be some issues with UAC.
  • Is your Peoplecode running as a service? Or normal process? Does it run as the same user as then one which works?
  • Then you could try to provide see debug output from the scpg3 by adding -D6 to command line and redirecting stderr to file. That may provide answers already.
  • If the previous step does not provide any info, then you could: stop connection broker (ssh-broker-ctl stop). Start it again in debug mode: ssh-broker-g3 -D6 -l broker_log.txt. And try again you command. You may see additional diagnostic message from there. The connection broker myst be run as the same user as is executing scpg3.




answered Feb 13 '12 at 10:39

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Martin Dobsik

Hi Martin

I am using Tectia client 6.1.9, windows server 2008. and i am using the same user id which is working fine in command line also that id belongs to Admin group. Tectia is not returning any error message but only retrun the code (-10737415150). Anyhow i didn't tried with the debug mode. Let me try that too. Meanwhile if you fond any issue for mien please update.

Thanks for the information.

(Feb 13 '12 at 13:44) gokul gokul's gravatar image

Often it is so that some DLL that scpg3 needs, cannot be found in paths defined by PATH variable. It is mainly sshtectia.dll and visual c++ run-time that come to my mind (or any other that those 2 depend on).

(Feb 14 '12 at 00:36) Martin Dobsik Martin%20Dobsik's gravatar image

Hi Martin

As you said the issue is with the environment variables from Peoplesoft end. There is a file which have the list of environment variables but doesn't have the tectia path. I added the paths and now its working fine.

Thanks for the Help.

(Feb 15 '12 at 03:25) gokul gokul's gravatar image
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