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I have a system using your product Tectia performing an SFTP put to/on my server. I asked whether they could login via SFTP, then CD to the drop directory to put the files. Their response was Tectia can not perform a CD when logging in via SFTP.

Please confirm/deny.

Thanks in advance, Bilal

asked Jul 28 '10 at 14:50

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Hi Bilal,

Changing directories within sftp is certainly supported by Tectia sftp clients. However access the respective directories has to be explicitly configured on the server as well.

Is this a Tectia client connecting to a Tectia Server?

If using Tectia Server you'll need to create virtual folders for the directories you want them to access. See for example: http://productdocs.ssh.com/support/documentation/online/ssh/adminguide/61/server-f-services.html


answered Aug 06 '10 at 13:49

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Roman ♦♦

Roman ... No, this is a not a Tectia Client / Service connection. I have given the client sftp server the proper access to login, perform a cd into a specific directory to perform the sftp (basic sftp configuration for peforming a put). It was strange when they said the Tectia product could not perform the cd.

Thanks for the information. Bilal

(Aug 09 '10 at 14:48) Bilal Bilal's gravatar image
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