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Our current authentication profile is OTP authentication. How to send OTP list to users who don't have OTP list initialized yet?

asked Dec 13 '11 at 15:31

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anttisa ♦

1) Navigate to Default Parameters -> System parameters -> Custom policies

Accept Policy File: /var/lib/mobileid/custom/autolist

2) autolist -file looks like this:

# Custom policy to initialize and submit password list
# For any other access, but through the EntryPoint, do:
-   Drop

func EntryPoint

    if !(LISTINIT.ListInfo = NULL)
            -       LoadModule  LocalLISTAUTH.ModuleName = "LISTAUTH", WLogin.JumpFunc = ParseListInfo

    if (LISTINIT.ListInfo = NULL)
        # Add new list (set custom list create variables here)
        -   VP-Create   LISTINIT.InitSuccessText = { OTPAUTH.AuthSuccessText }     
        -       LoadModule      LocalLISTAUTH.ModuleName = "LISTINIT"

3) Restart MobileID from Web Access Home view

NOw users who don't have OTP list will receive list after next successful OTP authentication


answered Dec 13 '11 at 15:38

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anttisa ♦

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