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Hi ! below is debug log from connection. does anyone know what Reason 10 error ? Thank You.

debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:848 SshEKSoft/softprovider.c:6081/soft_get_key_attribute: Unsupported attribute 'token-label'. debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:848 SecShFastPathTransport/secsh_fastpath_transport.c:835/ssh_secsh_fastpath_conn_send: Prepending 803 bytes of ignore data before userauth packet debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:934 SecShFastPathTransport/secsh_fastpath_transport.c:1779/ssh_secsh_transport_packet_start_read_cb: Reading packet start failed: EOF debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:934 SecShFastPathTransport/secsh_fastpath_transport.c:304/ssh_secsh_fastpath_disconnect: Disconnecting 8f66ba0 (reason 10) debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:934 SecShFastPathTransport/secsh_fastpath_transport.c:340/ssh_secsh_fastpath_disconnect: Sending disconnect to 8f66ba0 debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:934 SecShFastPathTransport/secsh_fastpath_transport.c:233/ssh_secsh_fastpath_send_disconnect: Sending disconnect to conn 8f66ba0: Connection lost debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 SecShFastPathTransport/secsh_fastpath_transport.c:677/ssh_secsh_transport_queue_payload: Adding ignore packet. debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 SecShFastPathTransport/secsh_fastpath_transport.c:384/ssh_secsh_fastpath_disconnected: Fastpath connection 8f66ba0 disconnected debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 SecShConnection/secsh_connection.c:1006/ssh_secsh_connection_disconnected_notification: Disconnected notification, aborting all operations debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 BrokerConnection/broker_connection.c:1472/ssh_broker_connection_log: event=1, method=publickey user_identity=1 user_identity_string=a204c8ec6204bb581f4309a2be509d45b3968b69 message=(null) debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 SecShConnection/secsh_connection.c:1034/ssh_secsh_connection_disconnected_notification: Calling disconnection callback for 8f66518 debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 BrokerConnection/broker_connection.c:228/broker_connection_disconnect_cb: Local disconnect. Reason 10: Connection lost debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 BrokerConnection/broker_connection.c:1548/ssh_broker_connection_log: Method = publickey, User ID = 1, Message = (null) debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 BrokerConnection/broker_connection.c:246/broker_connection_disconnect_cb: Setting conn 8f19590 state to DISCONNECTED debug: 15/08/2011 08:28:07:935 BrokerConnection/broker_connection.c:265/broker_connection_disconnect_cb: Removing protocol reference to 0x8f19590

asked Aug 15 '11 at 15:28

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What is the version of Tectia Client you are using, and what is the end server? Is this an SFTP connection?

Thanks, James Wright

(Aug 18 '11 at 14:47) jamesw jamesw's gravatar image

Thanks James version 6.019 don't know what the end server is we discovered the problem was with the end server as it did not have our public key installed properly. we're OK now. we'll just have to make a note of it in case happens in the future we'll know what it could be

(Aug 18 '11 at 16:25) odglark odglark's gravatar image

Thanks James version 6.019 SFTP we discovered the end server did not have our public key installed properly. Working now. we'll make a note so we'll know in the future.


answered Aug 18 '11 at 16:26

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