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I am trying to access SSH Secure FTP and I am getting the following error...

"File transfer server could not be started or it exited unexpectedly. Exit value 0 was returned. Most likely the sftp-server is not in the path of the user on the server-side."

We've never had to mess with the path to get this to work on any of our other servers, that is why I want to see if I am doing anything wrong, or maybe there is something else I am missing on this server?

Your help is appreciated! Thanks!

asked Jul 12 '11 at 18:57

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Does this happen all the time or just occasionally? Did it start happening after an upgrade? (What is the Tectia Server version and the platform?) Please send the part of the server configuration where the SFTP subsystem is defined.

One thing to check would be that the SFTP server binary exists (it's called sft-server-g3 in Tectia 5.x and later) and that users have execute permissions to the file, as well as execute/traverse permissions to the directories in the path to the sft-server-g3.


answered Jul 22 '11 at 17:41

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Jan ♦

I am trying to use the SSH Secure Shell FTP client software. When I tried to get support I was referred to this site so I apologize if that is not the case. We have checked and confirmed that sftp-server is in the path of the server.

This happens all the time. The only difference is that these are newer Solaris servers. I am not sure how to answer the remainder of your questions. If you could elaborate that would be great, thanks!


answered Aug 02 '11 at 21:27

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If you have support contract with Tectia, you could open a ticket at support.tectia.com.

To check the permissions of the sft-server-g3, use this command: ls -l /opt/tectia/libexec/sft-server-g3

The permissions (shown in the beginning of the output) should be -rwxr-xr-x

(Aug 02 '11 at 21:35) Jan ♦ Jan's gravatar image
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