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6.2.0 was released on 1 July 2011.

asked Jul 01 '11 at 14:47

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This is the first 6.2 version of Tectia Manager. It looks different from 6.1 as the User interface has been updated with the new Tectia Corporation brand. But the functions are basically the same - and the new major features, of course.

The auditing features of the former SSH Tectia MFT Auditor have been included into Tectia Manager.

And support for OpenSSH configurations has been added!

Plus the host key distribution feature has been enhanced.

Now Tectia manager provides:

  • Efficient Tectia software deployments and upgrades throughout the environment - nicely from one place to hundreds or thousands of remote hosts

  • Centralized enforcement of security policies with managed Tectia and OpenSSH configurations - helps in unifying the behavior of the SSH tools

  • Monitoring and auditing of secure file transfers performed by the managed SSH servers - logs related to all SFTP operations can be collected from the managed SFTP servers and you can view them in one place via the administration interface of Tectia Manager

  • Monitoring and auditing of managed file tranfers performed by Tectia MFT Events - Tectia Manager collects the logs from Tectia MFT Events, and you can view them in the administration interface or export them to another auditing tool

  • Increased visibility for the administrators and auditors into the SSH environment through detailed monitoring, reporting, and statistics - Tectia Manager includes ready-made reports so you can easily view the most relevant information. In addition, you can create your own reports and save the favorites.

  • Server host authentication management has been enhanced so that host keys are collected also from OpenSSH servers, and they can be distributed to both Tectia and OpenSSH clients.

New features in 6.2.0:

  • Support for Tectia Client, ConnectSecure and Server 6.2.0 and 6.2.1

  • All Tectia MFT Auditor functionalities have been merged to Tectia Manager and are available with the basic Manager license.

  • Tectia Manager is able to import OpenSSH client and server configurations and manage them as nonstructured text files.

  • Tectia Manager is able to collect and distribute host keys for both Tectia SSH and OpenSSH.

New supported platforms:

  • Management Server: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1
  • Management Agent: RHEL 6 and 6.1 and AIX 7.1 See the detailed list of supported platforms in Product Description

Dropped items:

  • Support for all SSH Tectia Client, Server and Connector versions 5.x and earlier has been dropped. 6.0 is the earliest version Tectia Manager updates to 6.2 and whose configurations can be managed centrally. However, Tectia Manager still detects also earlier version, as well as OpenSSH and other 3rd party SSH tools.

See also the Tectia Manager 6.2.0 Release Notes


answered Jul 01 '11 at 15:31

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