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Tectia Client/Server/ConnectSecure 6.2.1 was released on June 30, 2011.

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The main purpose of Tectia Client/Server/ConnectSecure release 6.2.1 is to add some new features and to fix existing bugs.

The key new features in release 6.2.1 are:

  • New supported OS: AIX 7.1
  • New supported OS: RHEL 6 on IBM system z
  • Improved performance in FIPS mode

New Supported OS:

  • Tectia Client/Server/ConnectSecure are now supported on AIX 7.1.
  • Tectia Client/Server/ConnectSecure are now supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 on IBM system z.

New Features in Tectia Server

The servant lifetime feature is now also available on Windows platforms. With it you can limit the number of connections that each servant will be able to handle.

The binary ssh-server-config-tool has been removed from packages on Unix. You can now get the the same functionality with ssh-server-ctl tool and its reload command.

Two new binaries are available in AIX package:

  • ssh-aix-lam-proxy32 - use it when a 32-bit lightweight authentication module (LAM) is needed.
  • ssh-pam-proxy32 - use it only when RSA SecurID with PAM is needed and the system PAM library is in 32-bit mode.

The behavior of Tectia Server has been changed on all platforms, it will now refuse the connections from users that do not have any authentication methods configured.

New Features in Tectia Client and ConnectSecure

Agent forwarding now supports SHA-2.

The ls -l command of the sftpg3 tool now behaves in the same way as the ls +z command.

The behavior of logging in a user without a defined password has changed.

Improvements in FIPS mode

Our R&D has also worked hard on improving the performance of crypto operations and key exchanges in FIPS mode. After some serious bug fixing, Tectia Server is now able to start in FIPS mode when certificates are defined.

Authorization File and Configuration Changes

The use of allow-from and deny-from options in the authorization file has been clarified, especially in conjunction with the new require-dns-match and resolve-client-hostname options used in the server configuration file.

Check out the release notes and updated product documentation for more details. There is a brand new product description for Tectia ConnectSecure.

You can find them at our Support Site


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