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I am executing scp and ssh command similar to those below.

scp -B USER@SERVER:sourceFile destinationFile

ssh USER@SERVER "ls -l sourcfile"

I am going from a Solaris server running Tectia 4.4.7 to a Linux server running the same version (this also happens from Windows to Linux as well). Periodically with no pattern I can find, the login from these commands will stay hung on the Linux box.

A last command on the Linux server will show this:

USER ssh-27975 SOURCESERVER Mon Mar 14 05:00 gone - no logout

USER ssh-27974 SOURCESERVER Mon Mar 14 05:00 gone - no logout

And this is the who command:

USER ssh-27974 Mar 14 05:00 (SOURCESERVER)

USER ssh-27975 Mar 14 05:00 (SOURCESERVER)

But there are no associated PIDs with this process, and the command processed successfuly.

Its hard to track this down, but I am pretty sure that is is the ssh command that is causing this.

I have googled extensively but have not been able to come up with anything on this. I do not know how prevent this, or how to logout/kill the hung processes. I am currently looking to move to another solution (not tectia) but thought I would try here to see if anyone had any ideas. I tried to add an exit to the ssh command, and a -n to the command line, but niether helped the issue.

asked Mar 16 '11 at 12:05

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