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How can I specify different levels for specific debug filters for SSH client and server?

asked Jan 10 '11 at 13:07

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When running Tectia Client or Server in debug mode, you can specify the general debug level and optionally specify separate levels for specific debug filters.

For example, when collecting data with a high debug level, the output can be almost full of low level input/output messages. If you are troubleshooting for instance an authentication problem, chances are that you skipping those messages will make the debug output easier to read. The general debug level should be specified first, and the specific modules after that.

Here is an example of running the server with a general debug level 10 for all messages excepting those that come from module "SshNioDispatcher".

On Unix, the filter is an argument to the -D option:

 /opt/tectia/sbin/ssh-server-g3 -D"10,SshNioDispatcher=0" 

On Windows, the troubleshooting string (e.g. "10,SshNioDispatcher=0") is given in the configuration GUI, under "Troubleshooting Options", when starting the server in troubleshooting mode. The server must be stopped before it can be started in troubleshooting mode.


answered Jan 10 '11 at 13:07

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