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Hello all. Does scpg3 have any built in function to prevent the tranfer of a file that is still being written to disk by another process such as ftp for example in order to prevent the tranfer of incomplete files? In other words - some kind of lock or checksum to prove that the file is fully committed to disk before scpg3 initiates the transfer.

Thanks in advance.


asked Jan 06 '11 at 12:12

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edited Jan 07 '11 at 06:50

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Unfortunately no. Scpg3 does not have that kind of functionality. You can ask it to do a checksum, but that will only be used to check whether the file already exists at the destination.

However another Tectia product, MFT Events does have what you're asking for. It can check that a file is not increasing in size up to a specified duration (to verify that the file is still not being written to) before initiating the transfer.


answered Jan 07 '11 at 06:48

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How do you tell it to checksum? And can that be done to both the source & destination file?


answered Mar 21 '11 at 17:39

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