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Could you provide User instructions for generating GUI client debug output?

asked Dec 30 '10 at 15:17

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The SSH Tectia Client troubleshooting facility is usually sufficient for the administrator of the server host to evaluate a problem without proper debug information.

First, ensure that there are no network problems between your client host and the server host.

1. Go to Start menu and select Run... 2. Open: "cmd" and select OK 3. Ping the server host:

C:\> ping server_host_name

You should get a reply from the host, unless the administrator has disabled ping responses so that "Destination host unreachable" is received.

4. Then, ensure that the SSH server responds (22 is the default port number):

C:\> telnet server_host_name 22

You should get the secure shell server version string, for example: "SSH-2.0-4.1.3 SSH Secure Shell".

5. Once any network problems have been ruled out, connect to the server with SSH Tectia Client.

6. Select Help > Troubleshooting..., and select Copy to Clipboard.

You can then paste the troubleshooting output to a text editor or e-mail client as needed.

Debug Mode

Enable debugging and connect to the ssh server. 1. Select Help > Debugging... and check the Enable Debugging box. Enter the following information below: Debug Level (see examples below): *=4,winView=0,SshEncode=0 File: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\SSH\ssh2_debug_output.txt

Debug level 4 is used for all modules and level 0 to filter out winView and SshEncode modules. Note that if the full path is not specified for the debug file, it is saved to the working directory for SSH Tectia Client. 2. Use Quick Connect or your Profile to connect to the server host

Examples of useful debug levels:

Problems with authentication Debug Level: *=4,winView=0,SshEncode=0,*Auth*=7

Problems with certificate authentication Debug Level: *=4,winView=0,SshEncode=0,*Auth*=7,*Pki*=7,*Cert*=7

Problems with certificate authentication and LDAP Debug Level: *=4,winView=0,SshEncode=0,*Auth*=7,*Pki*=9,*Cert*=9,*Ldap*=9

Problems with certificate authentication and OCSP Debug Level: *=4,winView=0,SshEncode=0,*Auth*=7,*Pki*=9,*Cert*=9,*Ocsp*=9


answered Dec 30 '10 at 15:18

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