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MobileID returns "Problems sending SMS", when trying to login to a service such as a VPN. What could be wrong?

asked Dec 28 '10 at 08:38

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This error suggests that MobileID was unable to submit SMS to an end user.

A common reason for this would be a network connectivity failure in between MobileID server and the remote SMS gateway(s) -- for example a firewall rule change that would block MobileID from binding to a remote SMS gateway.

To verify a connectivity failure:

  1. Go to Web Access home
  2. Restart MobileID process
  3. If loading of a SMS connector fails with an error “timedout reading sock”, then MobileID is indeed unable to connect to the remote SMS gateway.

If bind fails due to a reason other than the timeout, check your SMS gateway account validity:

  1. Has your MobileID server IP changed? Your SMS gateway account may be bound to a specific IP.
  2. Has your SMS gateway account enough credits (i.e. Clickatell)?
  3. Has your SMS gateway account password expired/changed?
  4. Are you exceeding your allowed number of SMS gateway connections?

SMS gateway may consider you rebind as a duplicate. This can occur on a SMS gateway that allows only one concurrent bind per MobileID server.

This is the case for example for Tectia MobileID SMS Hub services.

This situation can occur for example due to a temporary network failure, i.e. due to a firewall reboot, where the SMS gateway connection dies, causing MobileID to automatically rebind a new connection.

However, the remote SMS gateway may detect this only after a delay, i.e. 10 minutes and in meanwhile block all subsequent rebinds.

For this there exists no resolution, but to wait for SMS Gateway to eventually close the zombie connection and all the new rebind.


answered Dec 28 '10 at 08:40

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