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Tectia SSH Client and SSH Server 6.4.17 were released on May 7, 2019. What's new in these releases?

asked Mar 19 at 11:36

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Tectia Server/Client 6.4.17 release improves security, fixes several bugs and adds new features. For further information about the products and changes between the different versions, and instructions on how to update the products, see the customer documentation and release notes at the SSH product documentation site.

Highlighted new features:

Support for Fine Grained Password Policy (FGPP) to SSH Server on Windows

This feature allows Tectia to take into account customers' FGPP , an Active Directory feature, which may be configured and used in the organization and mandate restrictions that differ from those that Tectia Server was checking against. This caused, for example, Tectia to reject valid passwords even when they complied with the superseding FGPP rules.

Support for Ed25519 curves into Client and Server

Support for a new elliptic curve algorithm Ed25519 to interoperate with other SSH products that support popular new elliptic curve algorithms. Ed25519 promises to deliver very high speeds including fast signature verification, fast signing and fast key generation without compromising security. (source: ed25519.cr.yp.to)

Support for Windows 2019

Adding support for Windows 2019 is a natural continuation to the support of earlier versions of Windows.


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