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Do you have any general Guidelines for use of DoD PKI Certificates within the SSH Tectia environment which would explain necessary prerequisites for getting started as well as high-level steps for usage and ensuring compatibility?

asked Dec 17 '10 at 09:36

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The guidelines presented here for the usage DoD PKI certificates in the SSH Tectia Server environment are based on traditional server certificate authentication:


DoD PKI environments can easily leverage their existing SSL certificates within the SSH Tectia Server environment. In the following instructions we are using the server certificate that the client will be verifying as part of the authentication phase. Also please note that certain steps may require assistance from your DoD PKI administrator.

The following steps can be followed:

  1. Enroll for or obtain existing DoD PKI SSL certificate. (In case of new enrollment you will need to include the fully qualified domain name in either the subject or in the SubjectAltName of the certificate). This step may require DoD PKI administrator assistance.

  2. Extract the DoD certificate (Please contact your DoD PKI Administrator for assistance as necessary) into PKCS #12 format

  3. Use either the SSH Tectia Server Configuration GUI to import the key pair or use ssh-keygen-g3 utility (with -k option).

  4. Configure the server for server authentication (see above link).


answered Dec 17 '10 at 09:39

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