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I'm able to ssh, winscp, exceed on demand into a newly commissioned solaris 10 server. However, when a colleague attempts to use tectia, the following error message pops up;

Failed to open a secure terminal session: Connection destination: userid@ipaddress Connection ID:34 Connection opened at: Day&Time Disconnect reason code:Connection Lost (lost disconnect) Server authentivation failed: Server version; SSH-2.0-Sun_SSH_2.2 Server hostkey algorythm:

asked Dec 09 '15 at 20:24

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Can you send the output from a verbose login to this server?

And the version of the Tectia client?

That way, we can see which algorithm it's failing on.

It could be weak ciphers.


answered Sep 23 '16 at 00:36

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Tectia Client in default configuration tries automatically all your keys with publickey authentication. Many SSH servers consider this illegal and let your client to try only certain number of keys. Try:

sshg3 --allowed-authentications=password user@your.solaris.server

or if you use publickey authentication chose the key that is authorized on that machine. For ewxample like this (there are many orther ways Tectia Client can do this):

sshg3 --identity-key-hash=<hash_of_your_key> user@your.solaris.server

In any case running sshg3 in verbose mode should give you much better idea of what is going on:

sshg3 -v user@your.solaris.server

answered Nov 30 '16 at 10:27

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Martin Dobsik

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