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I am using sftpg3 to transfer files from unix to mainframe:

I am getting the foll error message:

$ cat ADA_PVAU_GPOS_07_PUBL_VAUX_20101028200526.trns.file


sput /pre_disk2/gmeasm/dat/trans/GPOS_07_PUBL_VAUX_20101028200526.trns //'PUKPA.PRCDR.GMEP.INPUT.PRICES.TEST3'


$ cat GPOS_07_PUBL_VAUX_20101028200526.trns

0001 HD VAUXHALL PRICE DATA 20101028 200526 001161 000000000

VPHIINIT C1580073071GBP00000000620000000000062000000000006200000000000620000000000062000000000006200020101013Y1 999000 00000000000000000000000000000000078450000000006197600000000000080000000000000 CCOMPRESSOR 1111

VPHIINIT R1580073071GBP00000003730000000000242450000000031705000000003357000000000237780000000030445020101009Y1 251100 02750000000350001500010000000000194300000000015349700000000459080000000062000 RCOMPRESSOR 1111

9999 TR VAUXHALL PRICE DATA 20101028 200526 001161 000000002

(gmepmmgr) ]$ sftpg3 -B ADA_PVAU_GPOS_07_PUBL_VAUX_20101028200526.trns.file --password=gmeppr00 nz1hxr@

warning: Supplying the password on the command line is VERY insecure. In warning: a multi-user environment, the password is trivial to recover warning: from the process table. You should set up a more secure way to warning: authenticate. "publickey" authentication, certificates, warning: "hostbased" authentication and "gssapi" can all provide warning: non-interactive authentication in a secure way. Even private warning: keys with no passphrases are much more secure than a password warning: on the command line. At the minimum, use warning: --password=file://, with the file having 0600 warning: permissions (or -rw------- in ls) to store the password. This warning: has much more security than supplying the password in the clear warning: on the command line. Remote system type is MVS. sftp> ascii File transfer mode is now ascii. sftp> sput /pre_disk2/gmeasm/dat/trans/GPOS_07_PUBL_VAUX_20101028200526.trns //'PUKPA.PRCDR.GMEP.INPUT.PRICES.TEST3' ..07_PUBL_VAUX_20101028200526.trns | 889B | 15.8kB/s | TOC: 00:00:00 | 100% error: Error writing //'PUKPA.PRCDR.GMEP.INPUT.PRICES.TEST3', Error codes 0000 0000, last_op 60: EDC5003I Truncation of a record occurred during an I/O operation., file: //'PUKPA.PRCDR.GMEP.INPUT.PRICES.TEST3' sftp> bye

Can anyone assist me in removing the error: EDC5003I?

I have also tried using site R=246 in the above ADA_PVAU_GPOS_07_PUBL_VAUX_20101028200526.trns.file but it I am still getting the error.

Many Thanks, Rajesh.

asked Nov 02 '10 at 07:03

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