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When I try to run the following ssh command

/opt/tectia/bin/sshg3 -q -B -i /home/username/.ssh2/identification -l username -p 22 hostname /bin/ksh -c '/bin/true '

The command exits with exit code 1 and the following error is thrown in the error stream.

"Specifying identity file from command line is not supported. Configure Broker instead. Request exec channel error: Disconnected by application."

Is there a way to resolve this ?

asked Oct 23 '10 at 06:30

Prakash%201's gravatar image

Prakash 1

edited Sep 21 '11 at 18:35

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What version of Tectia Client is this? "sshg3 -V" should print the version.

(Oct 25 '10 at 08:25) Roman ♦♦ Roman's gravatar image

Specifying the identity from the command line (aka, the -i command line option) is available for Tectia Client as of version 6.0


answered Oct 25 '10 at 08:29

Roman's gravatar image

Roman ♦♦

Why is the error "Request exec channel error: Disconnected by application" thrown. Also the exit code of /bin/true is shown as 1.

Any workaround I can follow to overcome this error.

(Oct 25 '10 at 09:09) Prakash 1 Prakash%201's gravatar image

That is IMHO a very bad error message that tells there was an error in requesting a channel for the remote command execution. The real error in this case was thrown because of using the "-i" command line option which is not supported in the version you are using, as correctly stated in the first part of the error message.

(Oct 26 '10 at 06:27) Roman ♦♦ Roman's gravatar image
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