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I have been using Secure Shell Client 3.2.9 for academic non-commercial purposes for many years. I was always under the impression that the non-commercial version of the license applied to Colleges and Universities as written. Recently, I asked my IT liaison to install this version of the software in the labs at my college for a class I'm teaching. When I tried to explain that the non-commercial license should cover our use of the product, I received the following response:

"Actually [XXXXX] this does not cover us. As I mentioned, SSH Communications required educational institutions to acquire a license for the version that you mention even though it was a free license. The College never received one of these licenses so we are not covered. As far as I am aware SSH Communications has ended this free version for educational use. The only thing that would cover us as licensed for this is a communication from SSH Communications indicating that we can legally use this version of their software. As I mentioned before, I believe that their educational version of their software is a paid product now."

Is Secure Shell Client 3.2.9 free for non-commercial use?

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asked May 01 '14 at 02:40

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Secure Shell Client 3.2.9 is free to use for non-commercial use, but SSH Communications no longer distributes or supports it.

The newer versions of the client are offered for purchase and with Support. Academic discounts may apply. Please use the contact form on the ssh website to get more information.


answered May 01 '14 at 17:20

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To anyone still using 3.2.9 (circa 2003), you might want to consider that a 12-year-old SSH client is probably not secure!

(Jan 19 '15 at 22:03) DanB DanB's gravatar image
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