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We have been using various homegrown sftp based scripts on SUSE and RHEL servers to automate file transfer operations to hundred OpenSSH based servers and are looking for an alternative that would also support:

  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Transferring only modified files from selected directories
  • Apply various file name processing when destination file already exists
  • Provide audit information and alerts

asked Oct 12 '09 at 11:19

Nicolas%20Gabriel-Robez's gravatar image

Nicolas Gabriel-Robez

edited Oct 12 '09 at 12:00

SSH Tectia® MFT Events enables secure automation and execution of file transfer operations, events, and remote commands, with an easy to use GUI for event composition. A console tool 'ssh-events-ctl' is also available.

It provides features such as guaranteed delivery, seamless strong security, file integrity checking and central auditing. It can also send notifications in case of an event fails to complete.

You can also select to transfer only the modified files from a selected folder or sub-directories. Selection is possible from local and remote hosts over a unique secure file browsing GUI. Setting up automated file transfer has never been so easy in heterogeneous network environment before and it works perfectly against OpenSSH servers. So you can preserve your OpenSSH Server environment and just install SSH Tectia MFT Events on the SUSE and RHEL servers. Configure your file transfer 'Events' from the GUI to replace the sftp scripts and you will be able to set services such as guaranteed delivery for your files.

With SSH Tectia MFT Events you can also automate file transfers between remote hosts that are running SSH servers. The host that is running SSH Tectia MFT Events does not need to be the origin or the final destination of the transfered files.

When the file already exists on the destination, you can select from various alternatives such as appending a running number/date to the file name.

Centralized file transfer auditing is available with SSH Tectia MFT Auditor (sold separately) and centralized management with SSH Tectia Manager (sold separately).

You can find more information about SSH Tectia MFT Events from this website.


answered Oct 12 '09 at 11:47

Nicolas%20Gabriel-Robez's gravatar image

Nicolas Gabriel-Robez

edited Oct 12 '09 at 16:04

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