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The Powers That Be here are moving a bunch of servers, including the Tectia Management server, into a new high-security zone. I've managed to get them to open holes in the firewall for port 17235 and for the https port, but any other access will have to be through special "jump hosts". Using Tectia to connect to the jump host (from Windows workstations) works great, and then using sshg3 to get to the management server also works. However, the title bar for the terminal window shows the wrong hostname, which is bad when a sysadmin has windows open to several servers. Is there a way to set things up so that a connection to the jump host could transparently start a connection to the real host? Can this be done via tunneling on the jump host, or in some other way, even if it involves running more than one Tectia server instance on the jump host?

Or any other thoughts on situations like this, where administration has to be performed remotely but it isn't possible to SSH into the system directly?

asked Aug 06 '12 at 16:46

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Kevin Vail

You could use nested profiles in the Windows client.

First you need to create a connection profile for the jump host. To create a connection profile: http://www.ssh.com/manuals/client-user/62/quick-connectionprofiles.html

Then you can create another connection profile for the destination server, and put the jump host profile in the "Tunnel using profile" setting. See the bottom of this page: http://www.ssh.com/manuals/client-user/62/stconf-connections-qsg.html

Then, when you connect to the destination server, a tunnel to the jump host is opened first, and the connection to the destination will be a direct end-to-end connection (so you can also use the file transfer GUI etc).

This requires that tunneling (TCP port forwarding) is allowed on the jump host.


answered Aug 06 '12 at 17:16

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