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We have updated our "SSH Tectia Server" from our previous version (6.1) to "Tectia Server" on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. That installation seems to be running fine.

Then we installed Tectia MFT Events (both the console and the engine) on the same server.

The "sshmft" user account was created on the server before the events installation. The user is a member of (Administrators and Remote Desktop Users, Users), Remote control -> Enable remote control Interact with the session.

We have to logon to the server via remote desktop to perform the installation. We did both installations from the sshmft account remotely. Our IT dept did both installations. After we discovered the issue I uninstalled MFT Events to reinstall it to see if I could resolve the issue, but the same issue is still occurring.

Note: During my previous testing of your product I did not see this behavior but I did the installation on my local desktop Windows box via a local account.

I am logged into the machine and the console using the sshmft account.

Issue 1:

For some reason after the installation, the Tectia MFT Events Service, is not on the list of installed services. My assumption is that for some reason it was not installed. The Tectia Server Service was installed and is running.

Issue 2:

Clicking on "Connect to Local MFT Events" button on the console, this error pops up:

Tectia MFT Events Engine connection failed

Online functionally (remote file browsing) is disabled and the defined events will not be executed until the Tectia MFT Events engine is started.

For instructions on starting the engine, see the Getting Started chapter in Tectis MFT Events Administration Manual.

Failed to open service (1060)

Details are:

    Failed to connect to EFTD socket `/tmp/ssh-APPR8_sshmft/ssh-events'.

My assumption is that Issue 2 is related to the lack of the MFT Events Service, but they may be two distinct errors.

Please help. During my pilot testing of the software, I remember that I configured the service before I set up the public keys.

When I got to Tools > Tectia Connection to try and set one up I get the message:

Failed to open Tectia Broker connection:
    Failed to connect to broker socked '/tmp/ssh-<serverName>_sshmft/ssh-events-broker'.
    /Failed to connect to Broker at '/tempssh-APPR8_sshmft/ssh-events-broker'

I try to add a Connection Profile and when I press Test Connection I get the error

No broker connection

asked Jul 12 '12 at 18:47

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