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We are using SSH tectia Server where we have created new user. Currently when we establish an FTP connection for that user, the user gets logged onto the default home directory of the server , which is %userprofile% (C:documents and settingsuserprofile). I need to change the home directory to 'F:foldername' so user only gets to see this directory when he logs into the server using FTP. I have tried using Virtual directory option after unchecking 'use default' option... Did not work. I have tried creating virtual directory for this F:Foldername folder,.... Did not work I do not see any option where i can change the default home directory for the user. I have tried changing the attribute in the cong.xml file.... Did not work. Any answers please ?

asked Jan 04 '12 at 15:45

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5.1.3 version is not supported. There may be many issues in that version that have been fixed long ago. I recommend to upgrade to latest 6.2 version.

The documentation says that the folder used for home folder must exist in some of the virtual folders. That means that if you want to use home directory: /F:/folder_name, then you have to define virtual folder with name F:.

But, just out of curiosity: is that drive F: a network drive? There were some issues in the past with network drives. If that is so then you can try to define the virtual folder F: using UNC path. For example: \\server\my_share_name

In any case if the drive F: is a network drive then you MUST use password authentication to make the access to network drive to work.

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answered Jan 05 '12 at 21:58

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Martin Dobsik

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