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Installed Server - configured with 256 total number of connections in General config. when config is read it exits stating servant0lifetime not declared. WHen I remove enty in config server starts without issue

asked Dec 20 '11 at 21:20

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Starting with version 6.2 - a new parameter Total number of connections defines the maximum number of connections that a servant will handle before the server should start a new servant on its place. There is no default value. This corresponds to the servant-lifetime element in the server configuration file

This element sets the total number of connections that a servant process will handle before the server process starts a new servant process in its place. In some situations, the servant process may leak resources in OS provided services, resulting in resource starvation that prevents new connections. The servant-lifetime element will limit the maximum number of connections handled by the servant. After the maximum number of connections is handled, the server process starts retiring the servant. The server process will not pass any new connections to the servant and when the servant has stopped handling all the existing connections, the server process will stop the servant. If after this, the number of running servants is under the defined number, new servants will be started if needed. It is also possible to configure the server to have spare servant processes available to accommodate for any load situations. New servants are started as needed to handle new incoming connections and closed when the load situation is over. You can check the status of the server and servant processes with the ssh-server-ctl tool and its status command. The total-connections attribute defines the total number of connections the servant process will handle during its lifetime. <limits max-connections="256" max-processes="5"> <servant-lifetime total-connections="5000"/> <servant-lifetime total-connections="5000"/> <servant-lifetime total-conne


answered Dec 27 '11 at 23:50

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