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WE have installed SSH for secure FTP transfers, and now have the need of PGP encrypted file FTPed to our bank's FTP internet address, my question can we create and ftp, a PGP 4.0 or higher encrypted file to the internet address of our bank? using SSH Tectia software?, reading the manuals there is no direct reference to the PGP encryption, although it does mentions encryption, are the algorithms different? of Tectia's?

asked Dec 02 '11 at 20:02

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Tectia SFTP will transfer files whether the file is PGP encrypted or not.

What many of our customers do is use PGP encryption for data at rest, and our SFTP products for encrypting and sending their data or anything else involving encrypting data in transit.

Regards, -Joe


answered Dec 02 '11 at 21:29

Joe%20-%20Tectia%20Support's gravatar image

Joe - Tectia Support ♦♦

Joe: Is SSH Tectia's encryption in transit also PGP 4.0 or higher compatible... I mean I do not need to encrypt the data at rest? and SSH Tectia will encrypt just as PGP does?

(Dec 02 '11 at 22:19) melchor melchor's gravatar image


If you don't need to encrypt your data at rest you do not need to use PGP; Tectia's SSH/SFTP products will take care of all the encryption and security of sending your data.

Because they are separate there isn't really a need for compatibility with PGP. SSH/SFTP doesn't actually determine that the file is encrypted using PGP before its sent, so any version of PHP should work fine if you choose to encrypt your files at rest.


(Dec 02 '11 at 23:25) Joe - Tectia Support ♦♦ Joe%20-%20Tectia%20Support's gravatar image

An Additional note (I ran out of characters allowed for a response): ssh/sftp will take care of encryption when transferring the file over the network, but the file will be stored in the target file system in the same format as it was (in cleartext if not encrypted using PGP or similar)

(Dec 02 '11 at 23:26) Joe - Tectia Support ♦♦ Joe%20-%20Tectia%20Support's gravatar image
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