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Does the tectia client for windows support RFC4254 Channels? We would like to use it on Windows hosts to support password-less SVN+SSH to a openssh server for users with the Netbeans IDE.


asked Nov 15 '11 at 20:38

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Of course Tectia Client and Server supports channels defined in protocol that Tectia has written themselves (Tectia is SSH).

By default all connections made by one user into the same server account will only require 1 authentication. All the other connections will share the original SSH connection and create only new channels.

That is the default behavior of all SSH Tectia Clients since version 5.0. This connection sharing can be disabled, both in configuration file (<exclusive-connection> element) or from command-line (--exclusive).

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answered Dec 02 '11 at 14:51

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Martin Dobsik

I forgot to mention that this is the way I often use access to SVN over SSH myself. Most of the time, though, I use the authentication agent included in the client (the connection broker component). This way I only have to type passphrase for my primary key once, as long as my computer runs.

(Dec 02 '11 at 14:54) Martin Dobsik Martin%20Dobsik's gravatar image
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