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I have MobileID version 1.3.0 and I would like to use Clickatell HTTP API for sending messages. Is it possible and how to do it?

asked Oct 18 '11 at 09:35

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edited Oct 18 '11 at 10:27

Yes it's possible but you have to install a patch mid-1.3.0-htg-patch.sh.

1) Check your Clickatell's settings:

 user: <myusername>
 password: <mypasswd>
 api_id: <my-api_id-number>

2) Download and install patch mid-1.3.0-htg-patch.sh

# sh mid-1.3.0-htg-patch.sh 
x - created directory `mid-1.3.0'.
x - extracting mid-1.3.0/htg-patch.sh (text)
x - created directory `mid-1.3.0/files'.
x - extracting mid-1.3.0/files/javamenu.php (text)
x - created directory `mid-1.3.0/files/xml'.
x - extracting mid-1.3.0/files/xml/HTTPGET.xml (text)
x - created directory `mid-1.3.0/files/templates'.
x - extracting mid-1.3.0/files/templates/snes_schema.xml (text)
x - created directory `mid-1.3.0/files/include'.
x - extracting mid-1.3.0/files/include/mda_functions.php (text)
x - extracting mid-1.3.0/files/setup_specs.php (text)
x - extracting mid-1.3.0/files/import_custom_policies.php (text)
x - extracting mid-1.3.0/files/import_dictionary.php (text)
x - removed lock directory `_sh22770'.
Checking base system
Patching 'javamenu.php'.
Patching 'setup_specs.php'.
Patching 'include/mda_functions.php'.
Patching 'templates/snes_schema.xml'.
Adding 'import_custom_policies.php'.
Adding 'import_dictionary.php'.
Adding 'xml/HTTPGET.xml'.
NOTE! if you plan to use the HA patch, you MUST first uninstall this
patch, then apply the HA patch and then re-install this patch.

3) Logon to Webaccess and navigate to web access home => Upgrade => Start using Web Access => Add new SMS...

Name and type: <Clickatell-SMS>
Dedicated MobileID SMS-Hub

IP Address:
Port: 80
Login Name: <Clickatell login name>
Login Passwd: <Clickatell login passwd>

=> Click create and refresh(F5) browser

4) Check <clickatell-sms> connector's details and edit settings:

Protocol: HTTP-GET
Service Module: WLOGINSRV
Min Connections: 0

=> Click Save and restart MobileID server

5) Create file called HTTPGET.txt

Attribute user           1 str
Attribute password      2 str
Attribute api_id        7 str IN:[scope:config]
Attribute to            10 str
Attribute text           24 str
Attribute URL           221 str IN:[scope:config]

6) Navigate to Tools -> Import/Export -> Dictionaries

Dictionary Name: HTTPGET
Dictionary VendorID: 123

Browse file HTTPGET.txt

=> Click Create

7) Edit <clickatell-sms> Custom parameters -> Settings:

GET URL: /http/sendmsg

=> Click Save

8) Edit <clickatell-sms> Custom parameters -> Numbering:

Source Address: <CLICKATELL API_ID>

=> Click Save

9) On Default Parameters check:

 SMS gateway: <Clickatell-SMS>

=> Click Save and restart MobileID server

Now run SMS test to check that connection is working


answered Oct 18 '11 at 10:27

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