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I am trying to follow the process as described in this answer but can't find the ssh-broker command on my server. I am using SSH Tectia v

Can you please advise how I create a new key pair on version v6.0.7.28?

asked Sep 16 '11 at 09:07

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The steps described in the referenced answer assume that you have Tectia Client installed. The binaries referenced in the answer (ssh-broker-g3, ssh-broker-ctl) are part of Tectia Client and as such are not installed as part of Tectia Server. Can you check that Tectia Client is installed on this host?

The recommended way is to generate the public key pair in the client and then upload the public part to the server. You should never transfer the private key from the client where it was generated.

For instructions on how to generate and manually upload a key to the server see this question.

Can you describe what is it that you are trying to do? Specifically, which is the client and server in question (including SSH version and operating system of each).


answered Sep 16 '11 at 09:49

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I am trying to generate a public key pair via SSH Tectia Server on Windows Server 2003.

Then import into Tectia Server and provide other key to user at other end.

(Sep 20 '11 at 02:31) mtechit mtechit's gravatar image

Does this need to be done form the client or server? If client should it be form the other user or can I do it form a client install on any machine.

Also once I receive the keys how to I import into SSH Tectia Server


(Sep 20 '11 at 02:33) mtechit mtechit's gravatar image

It can also be done from the server, however it is not recommended as it is insecure. Anyone with access to the private key will be able to connect to your server. I would recommend that you ask the user to generate a public key pair and send you the public key.

Tectia Server also comes with the ssh-keygen-g3 command line tool so in practice there is nothing (other than the above reasons) preventing to create the key pair on the server and provide the private key to another party who will use it to connect to the server. If it is not possible for whatever reason to generate the key pair on the client, it is recommended that the private key is exchanged in a secure offline manner (e.g. not via email).

See this question for instructions on how to manually setup public key authentication using Tectia Client and Server.

(Sep 20 '11 at 09:48) Roman ♦♦ Roman's gravatar image
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