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What does "too many sessions" error mean, and how can we increase the number of sessions Platform is Solaris 10 ?

Tectia SSH version 6.0.12_A1

/usr/local/bin/ssh remote_machne_name
Request exec channel error: Too many connections.

the log on remote machine shows:

Sep 6 10:20:03 gonzo ssh-server-g3: [ID 702911 auth.warning] 401 Connection_denied, Error: Too many connections, Src IP: 1xx.170.18.19, Dst IFace: default, Dst IP: 1xx.139.21.11, Src Port: 45741, Dst Port: 22, "Connection limit reached."

If I restart ssh-server-g3 the problem goes away for a while and then it appears again

asked Sep 09 '11 at 21:20

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Could you provide a command which produces such error message? Under what circumstances? Did client reported the message? Did you see it in server logs? The message itself seems to me rather like a message reported by Operating System.

Also note that on Solaris OS the C-runtime supports only 256 file descriptors by default. Applications that want to overcome this limitation either have to avoid certain functions or load newer version of C-runtime for example using this command (Solaris 10 and newer):

export LD_PRELOAD_32=/usr/lib/extendedFILE.so.1

See also detailed information here.

Tectia Client Server products of version less then 6.2 require this workaround in order to work reliably with more then 256 file descriptors. In version 6.2 and newer Tectia products avoid the problematic C-runtime functions altogether.

Without more information I cannot help much more.

With regards



answered Sep 09 '11 at 22:03

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Martin Dobsik

edited Sep 10 '11 at 22:19

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